Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picture and Comment from Client's Ameriacan John Deere 8310 tractor

One of the customers bought 3 set of 880 series HID for his Ameriacan John Deere 8310 tractor.

" Cool, I'll check and see if I can get them to fit.  I'm keen to get four more done if I can. Anyway, they all work great and the smaller ballast makes them easier to fit in small places.

I did some comparisons last night and took some pictures when I tried them out.  Photos are attached and all have not been retouched apart from resizing.  I Took them from the front and rear, with original lights only, half the HID's fitted, and with all HID fitted to compare.  In all the pics there are 16 lights on, I fitted the 4 at the back and 2 at the front with HID's.  Big change seeing only a bit over a third of the existing lights have been upgraded.

I'll get back to you soon!

Thanks again - great product and I'm impressed with your service and communication.  "