Monday, April 25, 2011

35w vs 55w HID Kit

The reasons why we stick with 35w HID Kit (MAX 50w)

55W+ kit will offer you slightly more light output than a 35W system however in a reflective headlight glare will be an issue.

55w+ will fry your wiring.

55w+ is brighter which mean more attention to cops and more blinding to incoming traffic.

55w+ WILL NOT overcome warning light issue on new European vehicles. (Example link)

55W+ system ballasts are about 1 cm longer than the 35W ballasts.

55w+ kits tend to wash out some of the color of the HID bulb due to the light output( for example, a 55w 8000k will look similar in color to a 35w 6000k kit).

55w+ Kits are not recommended for smaller fog light housings because they tend to concentrate a large amount of heat in a small area.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. 55w+ globes tend to blow after 6 months while 75w globes blow after 3 months.

Your Risk Your Choice