Monday, April 4, 2011


We always sticks to what is SAFE !!
Many of the HID suppliers continue to think about how to make the cost even cheaper without considering and informing possible dangers at all. Many sellers are selling DC HID KIT now so that they can win the market with a crazy price, because many buyer do not know this fact.
The DC output ballast and bulb on the market is one example.  Below is a brief chart to point out.
As a responsible manufacturer, we understands very well what is behind the DC ballast and bulb; therefore, we refuse to produce that way even though cost is able to be significantly reduced .
We do care about competitive pricing for the clients, but business reputation and consumer safety are our first priority.

What is different between AC  and DC conversion kit?

AC HID conversion kit
Stable color, No flicker
Bulb LifeAC Bulb : 3 times than DC bulb(3000+hrs)
Bulb ProtectionShock Resistance Protection
a.Legal in car use
b.Safe, good quality
Ballast AC ballast:
a. Legal in car use (In some countries)
b.E-mark approval
c.Safe, good quality
Basic PrincipleElectricity flows in two direction, AC ballast will reverse the polarity on the same electrode so the Positive Ions will attract to the other side and equally distribute the Ions.

DC HID conversion kit
Always flicker and Change its Color
Bulb LifeDC bulb: Less than 1000 hrs
Bulb ProtectionNo shock resistance protection
a.Easily extinguish
b.Illegal in car use (Not E-mark approval)
c.Dangerous, poor quality
DC ballast:
a.Illegal in car use
b.No E-mark approval
c.Dangerous, poor quality
d. reduce the bulb life
Basic Principle
Electricity flows in one direction, DC ballast will make positive Ions run to the negative side and cause it get hotter and brighter on that side.