Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HOD (High Output Discharge) Globes For Cars and Bikes

What Is Xenon HOD?
Xenon HOD (High Output Discharge) is an intensely different type of lighting technology. HOD Bulbs are filled with Xenon gas.

What Are The Advantages Of Xenon Lighting?
The xenon bulb provides more than 30% whiter light of a halogen bulb while, the driver can see more clearly.
The clear white light produced by the xenon gas filled bulbs is similar to daylight!

Greater Brightness
30% Increase

H.O.D. Advantages:
*High Luminous Flux
*High Focus Intensity Lighting
*High Efficiency Automotive Bulbs
*More Than 30% Whiter Lighting Than Standard Bulbs
*New Oval Shape Design For Brighter Lighting

Light Properties Comparison:
Standard H.O.D
Luminous Flux - 1600 2300
Brightness       - 3100 5500
Life                - 250Hours 350Hours

Price - $35 a pair / $30 with HID combo

Come with heavy duty harness to prevent melting your original plug

HID 6000k (left) vs HOD Super White (right)